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The Path of Harmony, The Way of Peace

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Wanomichi is a Budo, a concrete practice of martial arts with the aim of personal development on a physical level as well as on an emotional and relational level.

The techniques practiced in Wanomichi consist of a permanent search for harmony with the partner, regardless of the intensity of the action.

The complete practice of Wanomichi aims to provide a good balance at all levels and contributes to the preservation of good health, which is now recognized as being dependent on several factors. The quest for mastery of the Wanomichi techniques leads to a better knowledge and mastery of oneself. The spiritual maturity that may be acquired in this way as the practice progresses has the effect of providing a certain inner peace. A physical and mental preparation derived from Ashtanga Yoga, which has been specially adapted to the needs of Wanomichi followers. It is an excellent way of acquiring not only greater suppleness with an obvious benefit to health, but also a greater mastery of the body. This part is supervised by  Sonia Tomioka Toutain,

a teacher of Ashtanga Yoga, who is also experienced in Iwama practice.

Accessible to all, the practice of Wanomichi thus consists in obtaining the purest possible attitude in the search for harmony with the partner thanks to the best adapted body bio-mechanics.


Wanomichi is a recognized art and is officially integrated into the French Federation of Aikido Aiki Budo and Associates (FFAAA).


The creation of Wanomichi was initiated by Daniel Toutain after more than fifty years of practice of Aikido, essentially the Aikido Iwama Ryu of his Master Morihiro Saito who was one of the closest disciples of Master Morihei Ueshiba the Founder of this art. Previously, Daniel Toutain had also been a close student and assistant of Master Masamichi Noro (creator of Kinomichi) for 10 years, as well as a student of Master Nobuyoshi Tamura for another ten years, both of whom were also disciples of Master Ueshiba. Moreover, association with yoga practice allows the best use of the body's bio-mechanics in movement while developing sensitivity and spontaneity in action. Wanomichi thus proposes a progression program allowing each one to advance in this Way by privileging the natural laws and the respect of the body in order to obtain an optimum result in the control of the movement. The search for unity with the partner allows one to become aware of one's own reactions or attitudes in the relationship with the other. This self-knowledge can lead to greater confidence and consequently to inner peace.

"We must first change in ourselves what we wish to see changed in the world, for we are the world.

Wanomichi is thus a path of personal development based on a thorough study of the martial art, which at the same time incorporates into its program a specific physical and mental preparation, as well as an initiation to meditation, which can then be practiced at one's convenience.

Wanomichi is presented as a complete discipline in its own right, which is part of a contemporary approach to adapt to the needs of today's society. It is a modern, coherent and logical practice, which takes its source in ancient arts that are authorities in their fields. While preserving the fundamental concepts of the Traditions which compose it, Wanomichi wants to evolve and recognizes itself completely in the quote of Jean Cocteau:

"Tradition is that which, by relying on the certainties of the past, is constantly evolving".

Wanomichi can be practiced by all - adult men or women of all ages and children of six years and older.

®️ WANOMICHI - Name and Logo registered at the INPI (N° 214723462)

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