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Sonia Tomioka Toutain

Graduated from the University of Sao Paolo (USP - Brazil) in Physical and Sports Education - Psychology and Physiotherapy. Sonia is a yoga teacher and holds the 4th Dan Iwama Ryu and Wanomichi. She started Aikido in 1988 and lived in Iwama, Japan for 4 years as a student of Saito Sensei, from whom she received her 2nd Dan in 1994. Her knowledge in these different fields allowed her to adapt the strong points of Ashtanga Yoga and Gokul Yoga for the physical and mental preparation of Wanomichi practitioners. This unique programme is integrated into the Aiki Kaizen Dosa. The contribution of Sonia Tomioka Toutain has been invaluable in developing this specific part of the Wanomichi programme.

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